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We are committed and focused on delivering quality painting products to consumers that provide maximum comfort and efficiency, while minimizing stress. Reinventing everyday tools in ergonomic ways, through observation, innovation and thoughtful design.



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Greg Freuler

Greg Freuler

After graduating from Business School at the University of Oregon, PureForm Brands Founder and CEO Greg Freuler spent nearly 15 years in sales and sales management. Always a tinkerer and Do-It-Yourselfer, Freuler came up with a number of product ideas and design innovations which eventually altered his career to become an industrial (product) designer. He now has more than 40 successful designs and inventions on the market.

His primary focus in the early years of product design was the sporting goods world. After multiple summers of working on his rental property, Freuler to discover that the one job he dreaded was painting. The centuries-old paintbrush design was inherently flawed, causing his hand to cramp and eventually lead to a carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis. Freuler knew he could design something better.

Two-and-a-half years and nearly 100 prototypes later, the PureForm Grip-Free Paintbrush was born. Our team is now focused on getting our products in the hands of people around the world to make painting truly pain-free.

“We’ve designed our products to give you the greatest possible comfort and user experience. We hope you enjoy them for years to come.” - Greg Freuler, CEO